Tom Sawyer Five Star Program

Tom Sawyer Five-Star Program

Every star awarded reflects a commitment to K- 12 EDUCATION by a member of the chamber. Every star is important! Members can earn a maximum of five stars each (FIVE STAR MEMBER). Every star counts, and every member is encouraged to do 5, 4, 3, 2, or even 1.

Decide for yourself what you and your company can do and accumulate your own stars!

Give any Education committee member a call to discuss how this program can work for your business!

Click here to complete the form and give to any Education Committee Member to start earning your stars!

Committee Members

Chair: Brittany Snyder, Florida Keys Community College
Vice-Chair: Angie Walterson, First State Bank of the Florida Keys
Jennifer Barrios, Monroe County School District
Julie Cuneo, Volunteer
Chuck Licis, Take Stock in Children
Billy Spottswood, Spottswood, Spottswood, Spottswood & Sterling PLLC
Yvette Talbot, Appraisers of the Keys
Angie Walterson, First State Bank of the Florida Keys
Don Whitehead, Wicker GuestHouse
Kay Miller, Honorary Member

Pictured Here: Billy Spottswood and our 2019 HR 100 Charley P. & Orsolina Toppino Memorial Scholarship winner Melody Morales.
HR100 Charley P. & Orsolina Toppino Memorial Scholarship ($100.00 contribution).. This scholarship is awarded each year to a Key West High School student. The award is based on several aspects of the student’s high school career, including grades, community service and extracurricular activities.
Educational Enrichment ($100.00 Contribution).. This program enhances our student’s education by providing business related education to our teachers and directly to the students. Teacher Recognition Program. 22 gifts with a minimum value of $25.00 each (for a total of $550.00 – or cash option available) from your company for 22 outstanding teachers. These are combined into gift bags awarded three times within the school year to outstanding Key West teachers. Donation/Sponsorship $250.00 contribution to any Education Committee approved arts program or sponsor a Key West area academic classroom. Programs or Sponsor Key West Area academic classrooms. You may choose to sponsor two classrooms with a $500.00 donation to each, or four classrooms with $250.00 to each. Mentoring A Student (min. 1 hour per week during the school year in an approved program such as Take Stock in Children in a Key West area school). Contact the Committee liaison if you are considering a program and need to know if it qualifies. (305) 294-2587