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This class involves the production, maintenance and processing of accurate, timely and complete records on information relating to a wide variety of law enforcement, corrections and court process activities. The work may involve data entry and retrieval; verifying warrants; expunging criminal conviction data; bank deposits; notices to appear, writs of execution; filing reports; and/or providing any clerical support necessary to insure the timely processing of records, files, court orders and other paper work. The worker maybe assigned to Jail Records Division or the Warrants Division. Work is performed under the supervision of the Detention Records Manager, or Detention Records Supervisor, in accordance with established procedures.


High school diploma or equivalent. Sufficient office experience to have acquired skill and understanding of record keeping and data entry. Experience should include the operation of data entry devices, keyboards, duplicating machines, etc. A valid Florida drivers license is


Work is performed independently; worker receives assignments from Detention Records Manager, or Detention Records Supervisor. Work requires the ability to locate, collect or derive information before acting.


Perform routine functions, which support processes internal to the Agency. Ensure proper preparation of prisoner packets for accuracy and the punctual releasing of inmates, responsible for receiving and checking incoming mail for contraband, assist in the security of the facility, responsible for sorting, checking, and entering property received, responsible for the classification of inmates.


Work does not involve responsibility for significant assets.


Work is performed independently under the general direction of the Detention Records Manager or Detention Records Supervisor for the Jail Records Division, Warrants Division, Key Vaca, or Plantation Key.

• 100% Clerical duties – data entry, court minutes, warrants maintenance.


Contacts are mostly with Monroe County Sheriff's Office, outside Law Enforcement agencies, Clerk of the Courts, State Attorneys and members in the jail facility; position also handles inquiries over the telephone from the public. Occasionally contact with inmates.

Position does not involve responsibility for the safety of others.


Position does not involve physical effort beyond that encountered in normal everyday activities.
• Work may require long periods of operating keyboard devices or visual display terminals.
• Light lifting (up to 20 pounds)


Warrants Division, Key Vaca, Plantation Key - Work is performed in ordinary work surroundings that present no significant hazards.
Jail Records - Work surroundings present exposure to airborne and blood borne diseases, i.e. tuberculosis, hepatitis and AIDS, exposure to crabs, lice, maggots, open sores, and feces.


Work is performed in a typical office setting.
• works indoor - office setting (Warrants Division, Key Vaca, Plantation Key)
• works indoors in a jail facility, restricted access to certain areas (Jail Records)


Work requires no significant supervisory authority.


Work requires no supervision of Sheriff's Office personnel.


Files any of a variety of reports, forms and records.

Fills out forms, logs report and perform copying as necessary.

Prepares paper work from arrest folders.

Updates mug shot books and other records.

Classifies reports for Uniform Crime Reporting to ensure proper coding.

Enters and retrieves data from the Criminal Justice Information System (CJIS) and the Florida and National Information Systems (FCIC).

Cross-reference subjects concerning warrants and extradition data available.

Process warrants, incident and accident reports and expunges criminal arrest data as necessary. Check forms, records and reports to ensure that information is correct and complete.

Maintains file card references.

Ensure inmates attend first appearance in a timely manner.

Ensure inmates entering the facility have regulation uniforms.

Responsible for the maintaining archives files.

Responsible for depositing inmates monies.

Responsible for storage, inventory, receiving, and releasing inmate property.

Responsible for the Property/Mail Room Log.

Coordinate the receiving or releasing of inmate property.

Assist in the processing and distribution of inmate uniforms and supplies.

Ensure that inmate property and money are securely stored.

Coordinate visitations between inmates and visitors.

Answers telephone and provide other clerical support as directed.

Assists in training other Detention Records Assistants and in monitoring data entries for completeness and accuracy as required.

Classifies reports for Uniform Crime Reporting to ensure proper coding.

Collection of warrants and paperwork from Sheriff’s Substation, County Courthouse and Clerk’s Office.

Smart cop data entry on a variety of subjects: booking, visitation, etc.

Type correspondence and memos upon request.

Sign for UPS, FedEx type packages or mail.

Answer and forward inkling/outgoing calls, answering questions and provides general information when possible. Take messages as required.

Organize meetings, take notes and distribute to personnel ensure timesheets are sent to finance, collect and prepare data for statistical reports on operations, activities and special projects as required.

Runs NCIC/FCIC criminal history and release checks as needed.

Notarize documents for inmates, as required.

Maintain adequate levels of supplies and hygiene items through timely replenishment action.

Maintain the storage area in a neat and orderly manner.

Review requisitions for completeness and forward to Site Commander for approval and signature.

Verify orders against vendors or supply orders to ensure receipt of all ordered items. Forward invoices to Finance Department.

Inspect inmate’s files for completeness and accuracy.

Issuance of telephone cards to inmates and deduct monies from their accounts.

Ensure inmate’s sign receipt of canteen orders, check for completion of orders and returns the forms to Finance Division.

Performs related work as required.


Knowledge of office practices and procedures.

Knowledge of correct English usage.

Knowledge of filing and basic record keeping.

Operate office equipment: computers, printers, telephones, copy/fax machines, binders, calculator, etc.

Ability to organize and prioritize work.

Ability to read and follow instructions.

Ability to type at a moderate speeds (25 wpm) and operates standard office equipment.

Ability to alphabetize codes numerically rank, sort and batch.

Ability to operate data terminals.

Ability to use reference materials, manuals and guides related to the work.


Required to obtain the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) National Criminal Information Center / Florida Criminal Information Center (NCIC/FCIC) certification. Must possess a valid driver’s license issued by the state of Florida prior to hire.


The Monroe County Sheriff's Office does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, ancestry, age, veteran status, marital status, familial status, sexual orientation/preference, gender identity, gender expression, political beliefs, disability/handicap, genetics or any other characteristics protected by local, state, or federal law in employment or the provision of service.

Reasonable accommodations will be made for otherwise qualified individuals with a disability.

A preliminary application is required and may be accessed on our website,

** click on MCSO Internet Page;

** click on MCSO Career

** click on on-line preliminary job application

complete and submit.

Please contact Charles Slebodnick or Suzanne Alexander of Human Resources at (305) 292-7044.

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