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Key West Chamber of Commerce supports Financial education for teens

The Key West Chamber of Commerce wants to provide local high school students with the tools they’ll need to spend, borrow, earn and invest money wisely before they enter college or the workplace and are “pre-approved” for their first tempting credit card. They’ll also work with the lender Eksperten to calculate interest rates on different types of loans and select the lowest interest rate offer to borrow money.


Partnering with the Southeastern Credit Union Foundation, Keys Federal Credit Union and the National Endowment for Financial Education, the Key West Chamber of Commerce is seeking supporters to sponsor teams of three high school students that will compete against each other and then against other teams in the state to demonstrate their proficiency in financial education. The program is open to students at Key West High School and the Key West Collegiate Academy.
A sponsorship costs $250 per team and the chamber aims to find sponsors for as many teams that want to participate.




The teams will receive and study a series of lessons, or modules on financial literacy, borrowing money, earning money and investing, and will then participate in online competitions to test what they have learned. The first series of online competitions takes place March 5th thru the 8th of 2018.




The top two teams in Key West will then square off against each other in live competition the week of April 9th. The winning team will be crowned the Southernmost Chapter Championship. That winner will advance to the state and regional championships, which take place in Orlando on June 9th. The Southeastern Credit Union Association will pay for all travel to and from Orlando for teams and their chaperones. Teams will have the choice to fly or drive to Orlando.




For more information or to sponsor or register a team of high school students, contact the Key West Chamber at 305-294-2588 or email us at