Automobile Registration/Boating Information & Fishing Licenses

Automobile Information
Driver’s License

  • New residents are required to pass only a visual examination if they have a valid driver’s license from another state.
  • An appointment for all those getting drivers’ licenses is recommended
  • A new license costs $54.25 and is valid for eight years. License renewal is also $54.25 and replacement cost is $31.25
  • Drivers must be at least 16 years old to qualify for a driver’s license and 15 to get a restricted operator’s permit.
  • Bring your valid out-of-state driver’s license and your Florida vehicle registration.
  • Driver’s licenses Monday – Friday 8:00a.m to 4:45p.m. and driver’s tests are available until 3:15p.m. Phone: 305-293-6338 located at: 3439 South Roosevelt Blvd.


Florida requires that after 90 days of legal residency, residents’ vehicles be covered by PIP and property damage insurance. For more information call 305-295-5010.

You will need:

  • Proof of ownership and insurance
  • Previous out-of-state title or registration
  • Vehicle identification number
  • Odometer reading
  • Personal identification
  • Valid driver’s license
  • The vehicle(s) you want to register.
  • All those individuals shown as owners of the vehicle must be present when the vehicle(s) is registered.

The Vehicle registration office is located at: 1200 Truman Avenue Suite 101, Key West, 305-295-5010.

Seat Belt Laws

Florida law requires all front seat occupants in cars, pickup trucks and vans operating on Florida roads to be buckled up. All Children under 6 years of age must be buckled up no matter where they ride in the vehicle. Children through the age of 3 must be secured by a federally-approved child-restraint seat. Children 4 through 5 must be secured by a federally approved restraint seat or a safety belt. Drivers are responsible for buckling up the child.

Florida Ban on Texting While Driving Law

Florida law prevents operations of a motor vehicle while using wireless communications device for certain purposes; i.e. texting, emailing or instant messaging.

Fishing/Hunting Licenses Info:

  • Regulations require a nonresident to have a saltwater fishing license when saltwater fishing from either a boat or land. Residents who only saltwater fish from the land or a structure attached to land, may get the resident recreational saltwater shoreline fishing license at no cost (except for convenience fees that apply on telephone and Internet orders). A Florida resident must have a saltwater license when saltwater fishing from a boat unless the fisherman is under age 16 or over age 65.
  • A freshwater license is required for freshwater fishing for both nonresidents and Florida residents.
  • Hunting licenses allow the hunting of any animal or bird in season except on game preserves and posted private property without written permission
  • Licenses are available from the county Tax Collector’s office at 1200 Truman Ave. Key West 305-295-5000 or substations ranging from bait shops to discount stores.
  • For further information on freshwater fishing or hunting, email the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. (850) 488-4676 (Emergency 1 (888)404-3922)
  • For further information on saltwater fishing visit Florida Fish and Wildlife at