With tourists shut out, iconic Sloppy Joe’s could tent up for the termites.

Business Consultant
Chamber Treasurer

During these last few weeks at home I have been able to give some thought to what everyone should do to combat this invisible enemy. First of all, I am thankful that I am still able to work. I have worked from home for 18 years, so I am perpetually self-quarantined.

You often hear that individuals, groups or governments should be the “point of the spear” when dealing with major issues. I contend that in the case of the coronavirus we need to be the “three points of the trident”: 1. Restoring our individual and national health; 2. Restoring our economy and 3. Restoring our HOPE. We need to be working on these three elements simultaneously not one at a time.

At home:

Practice all the many times quoted health guidelines: Wash your hands often, try not to touch your face, keep a social distance and stay at home as much as possible.

Be prepared financially. If you are still working, do as great a job at home as you would in the workplace. If your employer has unfortunately had to close during the crisis, make sure you take advantage of the help offered by the state and federal government. (Remember, I think you can make an unemployment claim the day you are furloughed even though you may still be receiving pay. You probably should check that one out.)

Be hopeful. Hope is a powerful tool. During our nation’s most difficult times hope has helped us through. Spread the word through your family. Don’t let them despair. This scourge will end. Try and keep a positive attitude especially if you are a parent. Children need to know that things will be all right. They need to know that their parents are hoping for the best but preparing for the worst.

At the workplace:

As above, practice the guidelines.

Financially, do what you have to do to survive the crisis, but be thinking of what you will and can do to relaunch your business when the restrictions are lifted. Perhaps a new or enhanced marketing plan. Think about redoing or tweaking your business plan to account for the changes that you will need to make during the recovery period.

Most of all, be hopeful. Spread your hope around the workplace and whenever you speak with your employees. Of course, be careful about predictions concerning the end of the crisis or the exact timing of the recovery. It should be sufficient to say that you’re doing your best under the circumstances to recover as quickly.

The nation, state, county and city:

Be aware that all of the above entities are taking care of safeguarding our health and planning for a full economic recovery as soon as possible. I am confident that they are using the most talented medical, economic and financial folks available.

Let’s encourage them to be hopeful. We need to put aside petty partisan issues and keep our eye on the prize. None of our elected officials have ever encountered anything like the coronavirus. We need to help them to be hopeful. We need to encourage them to work together for the good of all of those that they serve.

Keep your spirits up, my friends. The end of this pandemic will soon be in sight.