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Hunting and Fishing Licenses


  • Regulations require a nonresident to have a saltwater fishing license when saltwater fishing from either a boat or land. A Florida resident may saltwater fish from land without a license, but must have a saltwater license when saltwater fishing from a boat unless the fisherman is under age 16 or over age 65.

  • A freshwater license is required for freshwater fishing for both nonresidents and Florida residents.

    Licenses are available from the county Tax Collector's office at 1200 Truman Ave. Suite 101, Key West 305-295-5010 or substations ranging from bait shops to discount stores.

  • Hunting licenses allow the hunting of any animal or bird in season except on game preserves and posted private property without written permission.

  • For further information on freshwater fishing or hunting, call the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission 305-289-2365 or visit

For further information on saltwater fishing visit Florida Fish and Wildlife at